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The Importance of Kitchen Range Hoods

A range hood is one of the most important and most overlooked appliances in the kitchen. They are responsible for removing odours, heat, and smoke that builds up in the kitchen while cooking. Without a range hood, cooking can become unbearable. There are many ways in which a range hood improves the kitchen:

  • Air Quality: The major function of a clean range hood is to improve the air quality of a kitchen. Kitchen hoods do this by removing odours, smoke, grease, and other pollutants that are released when cooking is underway. The motorized fan inside the hood will suck the polluted air and will either be recirculated after filtration or sent outside. Over time, the range hood filters will need cleaning and you will need to approach a professional ducted range hood cleaner like Rays Cleaning Connections to get it sorted out.
  • Comfort: Cooking produces heat that makes the kitchen an extremely uncomfortable place to be in. A clean range hood removes the excess heat and steam, making the kitchen a better place to be in for you and your family.
  • Easier cleaning: Grease and excess moisture will build up in the kitchen without a range hood. This can create a sticky film which is difficult to clean. A kitchen range hoods prevents the grease build-up and greatly reduces cleaning time. This is especially useful in restaurant kitchens and commercial kitchens where grease can catch fire. A clean range hood is mandatory for safety in commercial kitchens.
  • Lighting: Modern kitchen hoods offer lighting features that make cooking and cleaning easier. Lighting can vary from basic to luxury styles and scales with the budget.
  • Style: A sleek and clean range hood in your kitchen can bring elegance and texture to your dull kitchen. There are many styles available in the market to suit your tastes and interior aesthetic.
  • Value: A high-quality kitchen range hood can add value to our home during the sale, according to real estate experts. The right hood can make a huge impact on the decision of a potential buyer.

Professional Filter Services for Range Hoods Across Melbourne

Kitchen hoods tend to become greasy and dirty over time which reduces effectiveness. Using a kitchen hood that cannot vent the air properly is a safety hazard, especially in restaurant kitchens and commercial spaces. Grease can catch flame and is a huge safety risk. Rays Cleaning Connections offers great range hood cleaning services at affordable rates. As all food production outlets need to ensure the cleanliness of kitchen exhaust, our services are in more demand than ever. This is because of the flammability of grease and other dirt that can get trapped in the kitchen exhaust. Insurance companies, health and safety, and Environmental bodies now require proof of good hygiene and adherence to safety regulations in food production outlets. Rays Cleaning Connections offers deep cleaning and certification of exhaust systems, ventilation, and extraction systems in the commercial kitchen all over Melbourne. Call us now at 0450 578 887 for our services.

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The staffs here are well trained and professional to the true means.


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