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Are you tired of cleaning your commercial kitchen in Frankston by yourself instead of spending those late nights with your family? Do your employees look disgruntled when you ask them to clean the filters and exhaust systems? Do they fail to clean it properly, and now your kitchen is a fire hazard with grease everywhere? The price you pay for a cleaning service is negligible when you compare it to the expenses you might incur if a fire takes place. You will have to pay for the repair and treatment of your employees, and you will lose revenue for the days your business remains closed. You won’t be able to make claims for insurance as they require proof that you conduct regular cleaning to prevent fires. This is the reason you should consider hiring Rays Cleaning Connections to inspect and thoroughly clean your kitchen in Frankston

Hire the Professionals for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Frankston

Rays Cleaning Connections offers a wide range of incredible services that are worth every dollar you spend. We make your kitchen safer and more comfortable for your employees that they will thank you by putting in the best work to make your business more profitable. Cooking is an art and no artist can do a good job if they are working in a heated, nauseating mess of a kitchen. As a one-stop solution for Commercial kitchen cleaning, Rays Cleaning Connections offers the following services:

Rays Cleaning Connections for Clean Range Hoods in Frankston

The range hood of your kitchen is one of the most crucial components of your kitchen. It removes the heat, pollutants, and moisture from the air while cooking. This ensures that your kitchen remains comfortable and safe for cooking. But grease tends to build up in the filters rather quickly and most people like to downplay the importance of range hood cleaning. Grease accumulation is a fire hazard and unclean, greasy hoods violate Australian safety standards. Rays Cleaning Connections offers exceptional range hood cleaning services, Canopy cleaning & Exhaust Fan Cleaning at affordable rates and flexible timings. We understand the safety, comfort, and convenience of a clean hood and our team of experts are well versed in the relevant Australian safety standards. Our wide range of experience working in restaurants, pubs, schools, and colleges will ensure the best and efficient cleaning of your kitchen. Call us now at 0450 578 887 for a sparkling clean kitchen.