Kitchen Exhaust Fan & Air Systems Cleaning Specialists in Melbourne

Before getting on with your lives, think about your kitchen exhausts for a little while. When was the last time you had your kitchen exhausts professionally cleaned in your properties? Ventilation and exhaust systems are vital components for any business as the occupant’s lives are at stake. Moreover, no one wants to work in a dingy and polluted kitchen that suffocates the people inside it. Cooking is an art and an artist needs to be comfortable to put out their best work.

Restaurants are a perfect example of a business where regular exhaust fan cleaning is mandatory. Grease and fryers are involved in food preparation and fans play a major role in ensuring breathable air for the employees. These exhaust fans remove polluted air, bad odour, and heat to make it a liveable space. As exhaust fans are fitted with filters, boxes, and fans, grease can accumulate on the surface and might need regular cleaning.

Grease build-up in the kitchen exhaust fan is dangerous as it is a fire hazard. Australian standards make it mandatory to clean kitchen range hoods and exhaust fans regularly. Rays Cleaning Connections can inspect and clean your kitchen exhaust fan and make it safer at a lucrative price. Regular exhaust fan cleaning is a minor price to pay, especially when you consider the expenses a fire can cause.

You might be tempted to visually observe the kitchen exhaust fan and assume that there is no danger as you cannot directly see grease accumulation. But when it comes to exhaust systems, it is often what you cannot see that is dangerous. Rays Cleaning Connections can inspect and clean every nook and cranny of your kitchen exhaust fan to get rid of every last speck of grease.

Exhaust Fan Cleaning Company Working Melbourne-Wide

Rays Cleaning Connections is lauded for their professional team of cleaners and kitchen inspectors who are well versed in the Australian standards about commercial kitchen cleaning. Not adhering to safety standards will cause rejections of insurance claims and lead to air pollution. Regular Cleaning and maintenance by professional cleaners are vital for safety and effective operation of every kitchen. Rays Cleaning Connections can carry out all cleaning and maintenance promptly and properly, every single time. Call us on 0450 578 887 for squeaky clean kitchens and exhaust systems. Alternatively, you can contact us via mail at