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Rays Cleaning Connections offers incredible commercial cleaning services in Mornington at great prices. Our reliable team of cleaners are well versed in the Australian safety standards and are certified to conduct inspections. The presence of grease in your kitchen can be a serious threat to the safety of your business and employees.

Quality & Reliable Kitchen Exhaust Fan Cleaning in Mornington

You might be in the catering business, or you simply have access to staff kitchen facilities as part of your business, but it is important to keep it clean and safe. Maintaining a clean kitchen is not only needed by law but also needed to boost productivity and reduce stress. Never let the cleanliness of your kitchen reduce to nothingness – all it takes is a single fire or a bad incident to tarnish your business reputation and make you go out of business. Not to mention the huge expenses you will incur as part of repairs and injury. As a one-stop cleaning solution for commercial kitchens, Rays Cleaning Connections offers the following services in Mornington:

  • Cleaning Canopy: Canopy Cleaning is often overlooked in commercial kitchens as the accumulation of dirt and grease cannot be seen easily. But what remains hidden from view can be the most dangerous. Flammable grease tends to build up in nooks of your kitchen that can catch fire very easily. A grease ridden kitchen violates the Australian Standards.
  • Filters Cleaning: Filters perform the important task of preventing grease from accumulating inside your ducts. But the filters themselves are prone to grease accumulation and needs to be cleaned regularly as a greasy filter is even easier to catch fire since all that grease is in a single place.
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning: Exhaust fans play a vital role in removing polluted air from the kitchen. As grease and grime accumulates in the exhaust system, it starts demanding more energy, resulting in higher energy bills. Exhaust fan cleaning can make your exhaust system work optimally by removing grease and dirt.

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There are no better kitchen cleaners in Mornington than Rays Cleaning Connections! Our experience with cleaning restaurants, pubs, schools, and more will make sure you get the cleaning of the highest quality and efficiency possible. We have all the latest and greatest cleaning related gadgets and tools in our arsenal so that the cleaning process is streamlined, and they provide maximum effectiveness. We understand the financial implication of closing your business for a whole day for cleaning, which is why we are flexible with our timings. We can clean your kitchen at non-working times such as evenings, nights, early mornings, or even weekends! Our cleaning ensures easier cleaning processin the future, by stripping your complete systems to install permanent access panels. We also replace old filters if needed. Australian Standards strictly require all food production outlets to keep their spaces clean to prevent fires due to grease build-up. Our inspections and cleaning services will make sure you don’t violate them. Call us on 0450 578 887 for a safe commercial kitchen.