Who We Are

Rays Cleaning Connections is a professional and reliable team of commercial kitchen cleaners that are well versed in the Australian Standards relevant to commercial kitchen safety. We make your Kitchens safer by getting rid of grease, dust, grime, and dirt so that there are no unsafe flammable substances present. Regular cleaning of kitchens ensures all the systems are working at full potential and are energy efficient.

Why Choose Us?

Rays Cleaning Connections is a team of passionate cleaners who have built a solid reputation in the field of kitchen cleaning in Melbourne. Our cleaners are fully equipped with the latest technology and tools for quick and efficient cleaning. Our expertise over the years from cleaning restaurants, pubs, schools, etc can be utilized to plan and conduct cleaning operations effectively. We understand the importance of time and are flexible with our working hours. We can work during nights, early mornings, or weekends so that you won’t have to lose a business day. Our prices are extremely affordable considering the quality of our services. You won’t go wrong with Rays Cleaning Connections in Melbourne. Call us now at 0450 578 887 for a squeaky-clean kitchen! Alternatively, you can also book appointments by sending a mail at rayscleaningconnections@gmail.com.