Dandenong’s Cleaners – Clean Kitchen Exhaust Systems Including All Hoods & Fan

Rays Cleaning Connections offers a staggering array of cleaning services in Dandenong at attractive prices. Our team of cleaning experts are equipped with the latest technology that streamlines our process to give you quick and efficient cleaning. The major services we offer are:

  • Cleaning Canopy: Canopy cleaning is often overlooked because of the effort involved. Cleaning it by yourself and your employees requires you to close your business for a whole day at the very least. The loss of revenue is much more than the sum you might have to pay for a cleaning service like Rays Cleaning Connections, who can clean your canopy at non-working hours, even weekends in Dandenong.
  • Filter Cleaning: Filters do an important job of preventing grease inside your ductwork. Grease inside a duct is a major fire hazard and should be avoided at all costs. But what about a greasy filter? Filters accumulate grease on them rather quickly and the speed of it might surprise you. All that grease accumulation is a major fire hazard in itself. Rays Cleaning Connections can clean Filter for you, or better, replace it.
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning: Exhaust fans help your employees survive the heat of the kitchen. It removes heat, bad odour, and pollutants from the space, allowing fresh and cool air to occupy the kitchen. Dust and grease build-up in exhaust fans have the potential to cause fires. Moreover, dirty exhaust needs to work harder, resulting in higher energy bills.
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning: Commercial kitchens are too busy and extensive to try and take on the job of cleaning it yourself, or even worse, making your employees clean it. Cleaning up is usually a part of the cooking process, but deep cleaning is a different matter. Rays Cleaning Connections offers deep Commercial Kitchen cleaning where our cleaners find every speck of dust and dirt in the nooks and crannies you never know existed and eliminate them.
  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning: Kitchen hoods remove hot fumes and greasy pollutants from pestering your employees in the kitchen. But it tends to build up large amounts of grease that can be a huge fire risk. Rays Cleaning Connections can clean them up for you to make your kitchen a better and safer place to be in.

Clean Your Commercial Kitchen Canopy & Exhaust Fan in Dandenong

Australian Standards now require all food production outlets to ensure that their kitchen exhaust system is free of grease and other flammable substances. Even insurance companies require evidence in that regard while making a claim. The situation demands a professional commercial kitchen cleaning service that can expertly inspect and clean your kitchens in Dandenong with full knowledge of the related Australian Standards.

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Rays Cleaning Connections offers the best commercial kitchen cleaning services in Dandenong. Our team of experts understand the needs of our customers and are flexible with their timings. We can clean at any time of the day, including the weekend,according to your requirement. Call us on 0450 578 887 to book your appointments now!