Filter Replacement and Cleaning Services for Commercial Kitchens in Melbourne

Grease filters are often overlooked with the most attention taken away by kitchen exhaust hoods and ductworks during cleaning. But grease filters are equally important and performs two crucial functions in a commercial kitchen:

  • Fire Prevention: This is the major function of a grease filter as it reduces fire hazards. Grease particles are captured by the filter as air passes through it. This ensures that no grease enters the ducts where it could seriously threaten the fire safety. Certain grease filters also include a spark arrestor that can prevent sparks from entering the ductwork. Sparks are generated during cooking with solid fuels like wood or charcoal.
  • Airflow: A clean grease filter promotes proper airflow. Without a grease filter, the grease would accumulate inside the ductwork and increase drag inside the ducts. The exhaust fans will have to work harder to vent air and it will result in accelerated wear and tear of the system. The reduced airflow can make the kitchen unbearable to be in.

Even though a grease filter performs important functions, a dirty grease filter can be a problem in itself. Grease accumulation on a filter can be a fire hazard and it can restrict airflow more severely than a dirty duct ever could. That is why it is important to regularly inspect and clean grease filters in your commercial kitchens.

Commercial Kitchen’s Filter Cleaning by Professional Cleaners – Melbourne

There is no better business for filter cleaning in Melbourne than Rays Cleaning Connections. Rays Cleaning Connections offers inspection and cleaning of grease filters by experts to make your commercial kitchen safe and comfortable. A fire in your business property is the last thing you need, and Rays Cleaning Connections can make your kitchens squeaky clean at affordable prices. Call us on 0450 578 887 to avail our services.